8UB Lady Panthers
8UB Lady Panthers

8UA-Kevin - Lady Panthers
8UA-Kevin - Lady Panthers


8UB Lady Panthers
8UB Lady Panthers

Meeting Dates

2021 SVGSA Meeting Dates & Times

  • January 14th @ 7pm

  • February 11th @ 7pm

  • March 11th @ 7pm

  • April 8th @ 8pm

  • May 13th @ 8 pm

  • June 10th @ 8pm

  • July 8th @ 7pm

  • August 12th@ 8pm

  • September 9th @ 8pm

  • October 14th @ 8pm

  • November 11th @ 7pm

  • December 9th @ 7pm 

Until further notice all monthly meetings will take place via Zoom 

Everyone is encouraged and welcome to attend monthly meetings!



Latest News

SVGSA - Andali's Give Back Night - RESCHULED DATE

Take a night off of cooking and support SVGSA. Andali's in Leesport will be holding a Give Back Night, on Satuday, May 1st.  20% of each food order will be given back to SVGSA. SVGSA's Give Back Coupon must be present at the time of purchase and all orders must be take-out. 


SVGSA  Team Picture Day 

Team picture day is coming!! Picture day will be held on Friday, May 7th at our SVGSA fields. Once again we will be going through Bishop Photography. Due to COVID protocols Bishop is requiring all picture orders to be completed online prior to our picture day. Please see the link below along with our SVGSA picture code to order your 2021 spring softball pictures.

Listed below are the assigned picture times for the evening. Please have your player there and ready in full uniform 15 minutes prior to their picture time.

  • 6 pm - 12UA - Coach Ryan

  • 6:15 pm - 10B - Coach Kevin

  • 6:30 pm - 8U - Coach Rebecca

  • 6:45 pm - 12UB - Coach Denise

President:  Ryan Martin

  • Phone: 610 - 413-5698

Vice President: Lindsay Eisenhower

  • Phone: 610 - 781 - 7974​

Adviser to the Board: Kevin Avery

Treasurer: Kristy Martin 

Secretary: Amanda Deeter


SVGSA Board Members

2021 Teams Sponsors

Dates to Remember

Saturday, May 1st - Andalis Give Back Day 

Friday, May 7th - Team Picture Day

Saturday, May 8th - Saturday Homestand

Thursday, May 13th - SVGSA Monthly Board Meeting @ 8pm

Saturday, May 24th - Saturday Homestand